S.S.M. documentation made of recycled paper only

The documentation for S.S.M. is drawn up at the beginning of the collaboration and it is updated periodically, including:

  • Risks assessment for each component of the working system, means of work / work equipment and the working environment based on working places / jobs;
  • The development of the prevention and protection plan;
  • Drawing up own instructions for completing and / or applying regulations of work safety and health, taking into consideration the particularities of the activities and of the unit / enterprise, and of the working places / jobs;
  • Suggesting the powers and responsibilities for work security and safety, pertaining to workers, according to the carried out operations;
  • Preparing the needed technical documentations for informing and training the workers for work security and health;
  • Drawing up the subjects for all training stages, establishing in writing the periodicity of proper training for each working place in own instructions, providing information and training for workers for work security and health and checking the assimilation and enforcement of the received information by the workers;
  • Development of training – testing program at the level of the enterprise and / or unit; The record of jobs and professions provided by the specific law, for which approval is needed;
  • Identification of the individual protection equipment necessary for the jobs in the enterprise and providing the workers with the necessary equipment for individual protection, according to the provisions of the Governmental Decision no. 1048/2006 regarding the minimum safety and health requirements for the use of the individual protection equipment by the workers at the workplace.

S.S.M. periodic assistance includes

  • General and periodical training, at the working place;
  • Drawing up individual sheets of training; • Checking of the acquired knowledge in the field of SSM by tests;
  • Monitoring and updating the plan of prevention and protection;
  • Checking the assimilation and enforcement of the measures provided in the prevention and protection plan by the workers, of their own instructions, as well as of the powers and responsibilities incumbent upon them in the field of work safety and health established by the job description;
  • Record of the jobs and professions provided by the specific legislation, for which the approval of the enforcements is necessary;
  • Record of jobs requiring additional medical examinations;
  • Record of jobs which, at the recommendation of the occupational physician, require the testing of skills and / or periodic psychological control;
  • Carrying out internal controls at the working places, informing the employer in writing about the deficiencies found and the suggested measures to remedy them;
  • Record of the work equipment and follow-up of the periodical checks and, if necessary, the periodical tests of the work equipment must be carried out by the competent persons, according to the provisions of G.D. 1146/2006 regarding the minimum requirements of SSM for using the work equipment by the workers;
  • Carrying out the measures ordered by the work inspectors, upon the check visits and researching the events;
  • Support during the check of the empowered bodies of I.T.M.
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