According to the effective legislation on occupational medicine, all employers must provide preventive medicine to the employees, therefore concluding a contract with an authorized medical unit.

What does occupational medicine mean?

Occupational Medicine is part of professional risk management and involves the operation of three factors:
Purpose of an occupational medicine job:

  • evaluates the health status of the personnel employed on the specificity of the position and in relation to the working environment
  • provides consultancy to employers on professional risk factors and how to avoid them.
  • manages and archives medical documents
  • carries out the interface with the governmental supervision bodies

How to proceed?

Profile medical exams specific to the activity of each company. Mandatory exams:

  • Medical exam upon employment, after changing the working place or the readjustment to the working place, in case of emerging additional risk factors
  • Regular medical exams
  • Preventive activities through medical advice and education

Benefits of occupational medicine exams from the point of view of:

  1. The employer:
    • the risks of the employee’s professional illness are assessed
    • it is ascertained whether or not the employee’s health is affected by professional risk factors such as:
      • working environment
      • microclimate
      • performed work
  2. The employee:
    • medical exams that will determine the health status at the time of employment and the development of his health status at work

Both the employee and the employer are informed about the health assessments recorded in the aptitude sheet.

Advantages of an occupational medicine job


  • The need for safety for the employer and the employee
  • Work ergonomics
  • Increasing the motivation


Decreasing the costs incurred by temporary incapacity for work (medical leave).


  • Work accidents
  • Illness
  • Prophylaxis


Compliance with the provisions of the legislation in the field.

The strategy of professional risk assessment involves the real assessment of the employees’ health and is constituted as an efficient aptitude for maintaining the professional health and a good profitability of the business.

Why is occupational medicine a profitable investment?

  • Successful companies take care of the employees’ health because, when they are healthy, they will lack less, they will have a higher return, they will be more motivated and more attached to the company.
  • The medical service costs less than a salary increase or a bonus
  • The cheapest working force is the healthy workforce!

The right man in the right place

  • The medical exam upon employment determines the psycho-somatic aptitudes of the employees in accordance with the activities provided by the work position
  • Periodic medical checks can detect any health problems in time

For your employees

  • Prevents accidents at work and occupational diseases
  • Evaluates and solves the current health problems of your employees
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