Protecting the environment is very important to us, use only recycled paper both for documentation, and for training sheets.

U.S. documentation made from recycled paper only

The documentation for the US is drawn up at the beginning of the collaboration and it is updated periodically, including:

  • Decisions appointing the technical employees with P.S.I. powers (compulsory I.G.S.U. document);
  • Decision for works with open fire for the whole company (compulsory I.G.S.U. document);
  • Decision for a smoking place (compulsory I.G.S.U. document);
  • Specific instructions for P.S.I. for each work place with risk of fire;
  • Instructions of using the extinguishers and hydrants;
  • Yearly thematic plan of P.S.I. training;
  • Evacuation plan at the level of the company;
  • Organization of evacuation of the workers and goods at the level of the company;
  • Specific P.S.I. markings;
  • Applying the specific P.S.I. markings, according to the effective standards;
  • First aid measures depending on the risks of the company;
  • Civil Protection Documentation (compulsory I.G.S.U. document).

Risk of Injury and Professional Sickness Evaluation

Identifying the dangers and assessing the risks for each component of the working system, namely the performer, work duty, work means / work equipment and working environment based on the working places / jobs, evaluation that will be revised in the following cases:

  • each time changes or alterations occur regarding the technology, work equipment, used substances or chemical compounds and the arrangement of the working places / jobs;
  • after the occurrence of an event;
  • upon finding the omission of risks or upon the occurrence of new risks;
  • upon the use of a working place by a worker belonging to groups sensitive to the specific risks;
  • when performing certain works.

Periodical S.U. assistance includes:

  • Carrying out the general training, at the working place of work and periodical P.S.I.
  • Training new employees from the point of view of P.S.I.
  • Preparing individual sheets of the P.S.I. training
  • Checking the acquired knowledge of P.S.I. by tests of the knowledge acquired by PSI
  • Checking the compliance with the legal provisions of P.S.I.
  • Drafting instructions for new employees or upon changing the working place.
  • P.S.I. assistance regarding the safety of the works or services performed in premises belonging to other companies;
  • Drawing up the evacuation / action plan in case of fire / force majeure if the specific activity is changed;
  • Support during the check of the empowered bodies of P.S.I.

Services of SSM Coordination that will ensure that you will fully comply with the GD 300/2006 on minimum requirements of safety and health on temporary and mobile sites stipulating as mandatory, the assignment of the beneficiary and / or the Project Manager of a coordinator in the field the safety and health during the development of the project and the completion of the work.

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